Pottery by Karen

"The Pottery Lady"

About Karen

   Hi. My name is Karen Fidel and  I am a ceramic artist. I love to make wheel-thrown pottery then alter them by hand and add natural organic elements, such as rocks, driftwood, and shells.   Most of my pottery have natural color glazes, which are all lead free, food safe, dishwasher safe, microwaveable and oven proof. 

   I continue to take workshops  and classes to keep up to date on new techniques and glazes. I have my own studio in my home, including a kiln.  I am on the Board of Directors of Off Track Gallery and Del Mar Art Center, and I am a member of and past Board member of Clay Artists of San Diego.    

I am currently in four galleries around the San Diego area.  See the "Galleries" section for addresses.     I sell at art shows all around San Diego throughout the year. See "Show Dates" page for a list.